The Music of Christmas – Second Movement

It’s Christmas time… again!

Yes, ASM is back for another look at the music of the holiday season!  Last year, I took you on a trip through 25 (okay, probably more like 30) songs of Christmas and Hannukah, highlighting my favorites, and talking about several I dreaded to hear every year.  But there are more than 30 songs in the season.  So, why not a second movement, as it were, another helping?

As I mentioned in the Prelude, this feature was inspired by the Steven Curtis Chapman song, “The Music of Christmas”.  But this time around, I’m taking a different tactic.  I won’t be highlighting just more favorites and some horrid songs (although there will be at least three of the latter).  No, this year, I’m going to talk about music that I may have discovered over the past twelve months.  I may include songs that I used to not really like but have come around to liking.  And maybe some songs are just so part of the cultural zeitgeist that I have to include them.

So, enjoy the More Music of Christmas! 

Coming later today: the Christmas Queen is here.  And, sorry Lucy, I don’t mean you.