More Music of Christmas – Day 9: Ring Christmas Bells

“Ring Christmas Bells”
By the Ray Conniff Singers

I don’t have a lot to say about this song. I just know I like it. Based on “Carol of the Bells”, this version adds lyrics to the familiar melody.

I think what strikes me the most about it is just how it sounds. You hear it and you know it’s old. You just know they don’t make recordings like this any more. It’s the audio equivalent of an oil painting that has dulled over time. The sound isn’t as crisp as newer songs. Orchestration feels very traditional. It feels like mono in a surround sound world.

And that’s okay. Not everything needs to be ultra sharp and on the edge of new and have bass and treble maxed out and compressed to sharpen the waveforms.

It’s great to have a song that sounds out of place today and have a timeless quality.

That’s it. Not much more to say.

Tomorrow – let’s hit the island.