More Music of Christmas – Day 24: Last Christmas

“Last Christmas”
By Wham!

I may have given some people a heart attack with this one. This song has been a perennial favorite, but lately it’s taken on new fame as part of the online game Whamaggedon. The goal is to go as long as you can starting on December 1 without hearing the song. If you make it to 12:01am on December 25, you win! If you hear the song — the original, mind you — you lose and your soul is sent to Whamhalla.

It’s Russian Roulette on the radio, where the next song you hear could mean failure. It adds a bit of fun to the holidays. As of this writing, I have less than 40 minutes to go, and I am still alive. This might be the first year I win.

I didn’t include a video because I don’t want to accidentally doom someone with an autoplay. I’m not that mean.

As for the song itself, honestly for the longest time I hated it. It’s a depressing song, really, talking about a love you had, a love that was spurned. Jilted lovers — merry Christmas indeed!

But over the years, the song has grown on me, and I’m not sure why. It’s a lot of people’s favorite, and if people hate it, at least they can play the game.

Tomorrow — it’s the big day, with a song I rediscovered a few months ago.