More Music of Christmas – Day 19: Driving Home for Christmas

“Driving Home for Christmas”
By Chris Rea

Back around nine or ten years ago, my wife and I stumbled across the British comedy series “Gavin and Stacey”. We got hooked on the first episode and tracked down the entire three series (seasons) and the 2008 Christmas special. It is in this episode that we here today’s song, “Driving Home for Christmas”.

The song is heard when one extended family boards a coach bus in Wales to make the drive to other family in Essex. One of the characters, Uncle Brynn, hears the song on the radio and asks the driver to turn up the volume. The song morphs from on the radio to background music accompanying a montage of driving on the highway and others preparing for the arrival.

Chris Rea has a warm voice, and the song has a light feel that conjures up images of snow and fireplaces and heading to see family. It’s not a well known Christmas tune, I’d wager, but it’s a nice one.

And go watch “Gavin and Stacey”.

Tomorrow – the final Monday Music Monstrosity for 2021.